Terms and Conditions

By submitting your site and payment to Gallery Rush you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you have questions, please see our FAQ or contact us.

Gallery Rush is simply a service intended to save time for designers and website owners. We will submit your site to all of our partner galleries if we accept your payment. If your site is determined to not meet our quality standards, payment will be refunded. Sites being approved by Gallery Rush and being featured in design galleries are two separate issues. We make no guarantess that any site will be featured by our partner galleries. Additionally, the wait time varies from one gallery to the next, so it may take severals days, weeks, or possibly longer for a site to be featured by a particular gallery.

When we approve a submission, the submitter will be notified (using the email address supplied via the form) that it has been submitted to all of our partner galleries.

We do not accept sites that include pornography, any topic that involves hatred or discrimination, and we reserve the right to reject submissions if we feel that the site’s content is inappropriate for any reason.

We reserve the right to change our list of partner galleries at any time without notice. The list on our homepage will be updated accordingly as soon as possible, but galleries may be added or removed at any time.