Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gallery Rush work?

We have established relationships with a large number of gallery owners. They are looking for high-quality sites to include in their gallery and so they have chosen to receive submissions from us. When someone places and order and submits a site to Gallery Rush, we evaluate it to determine if it meets our quality standards and if we think it has a reasonable chance to be featured in a number of galleries. If so, we accept the payment and submit the site to our partner galleries. Hopefully many of them will decide to feature the site in their gallery, but we can make no guarantees. If we do not feel that the site meets our quality standards, the payment will be returned to the submitter and the site will not be shared with our partner galleries.

Why do you reject some submissions?

When we submit a site to our partner galleries we are essentially giving it our recommendation. Gallery owners receive a high volume of submissions, and most of them will never be featured because their quality is not high enough. We want to establish a strong reputation with our partner galleries so that when they see a submission from Gallery Rush they will be confident that it meets high quality standards. This will mean better results for our customers and ultimately a more effective service for us. We wish that we didn’t have to turn down some submissions, but unfortunately it is a necessary part of our service as the gallery owners are not interested in receiving anything but the best.

How do you evaluate submissions?

We try to evaluate submissions based on the same criteria that our partner galleries will use to evaluate it. Design and aesthetics as well as usability and coding will be considered.

What happens to my payment if my site is not accepted?

If we do not accept your site you will be refunded. All payment is handled through PayPal, and PayPal makes it easy for us to refund any payment.

If you accept my site, does that mean it will be featured in your partner galleries?

We cannot guarantee that any site will be featured in our partner galleries. We have a great deal of experience with galleries (in fact we run a few of our own) and so we have a good idea of what gallery owners are typically looking for, although each gallery has it’s own style. We only accept sites that we feel are likely to be featured by a number of galleries, but unfortunatley we cannot make any guarantees. We have no say in what gets featured in our oartner galleries, we simply recommend sites that we feel are of high quality.

Why is there a fee to submit a site?

There are a few reasons. First, if the service was free we would be flooded with submissions, including many of low quality. We prefer to charge a nominal fee to keep to quality of submissions high quality and to deal with a number of submissions that we can handle. Second, it takes time and money to keep the service running and to evaluate the submissions that we receive. We are confident that the time you can save by using our service is well worth the fee, and we think you’ll agree once you have tried it for yourself.

Do you use automated tools to submit sites to your partner galleries?

No. There is no automated submission and no spam involved. All of our partner galleries have chosen to receive our submissions and they are sent via an email list.

What galleries do you submit to?

The bottom of our homepage includes a list of our partner galleries. For your convenience, we also have a page that includes and extensive list of other galleries. Many of them are highly niche-specific, so we have not included them as a partner site. You are welcome to submit manually to any of these sites.

I am a gallery owner. How can I become a partner and receive your submissions?

Please contact us to express your interest.